Benefits of Bio Energy

There are many obvious benefits for producing Bio Energy, not least are those relating to sustaining and protecting our environment.

Bio Energy reduces carbon emissions from burning traditional fossil fuels and protects our environment for the future. By using Anaerobic Digestion we are diverting vast amounts of waste which would have been destined for landfill sites. Conventional energy production from fossil fuel is known to be finite and nuclear brings its own issues; the energy produced from waste is not only sustainable, it is practical and cost effective.

Contaminated waste can be handled safely and utilised, groundwater supplies are protected from migration caused by landfill, and land can be used for production instead of waste.

Economic Benefits of Bio Energy

Economic benefits include the production of cost effective energy, reduction in waste management costs, additional value from products already in the economy and the security of energy supplies.

Bio Energy comes in the form of Green Gas, Electricity and Fertilisers. Cannington Bio Energy produces all of these at our plant in Somerset.

Anaerobic Digester’s costs are comparable to other recycling technologies, indeed a Eunomia report for WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) identified the technology as the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable way of diverting food waste from landfill.

The fertilisers are a by-product of the process and are free from pathogens. These fertilisers are currently spread on to surrounding farmland to encourage increased crop growth and so the cycle continues!

Benefits of Bio Energy