Cannington Bio Energy has green credentials.

Based at Swang Farm, in Cannington, we started as an offshoot of Cannington Enterprises when they developed Cannington Cold Stores.

The company wanted to run their stores on green energy and fulfil their corporate social responsibility by producing an affordable energy solution for the cold storage plant. We invested in an anaerobic digester, which would produce enough energy to initially run the stores, later adding two more. In addition to this the company now run their converted vehicles from the energy produced, including the Farm’s tractors. We also create enough Green Gas now to feed back energy in the form of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) into the national grid.

Where does our organic material come from?

Our sister company, Cannington Waste Management is also based on the Swang Farm site and supplies us with waste products that come as a bi-product of their secure destruction and recycling service. This means that waste sent to them does not end up in landfill, but is recycled or used to produce heat and power through Cannington Bio Energy.


Typically, waste will have come from supermarkets, food manufacturers and producers, butchers and abattoirs, farm and domestic waste, restaurants and pubs, schools and colleges; anywhere where waste has to be disposed of. Our customers often have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and robust environmental policies and wish to avoid landfill. Our Waste Management Services are also highly cost effective, efficient and convenient.